I ♥ E-Poetry @ Caguas Mini Maker Faire

I ♥ Caguas MMF

El sábado 31 de enero de 2015 I ♥ E-Poetry estará presente en el Caguas Mini Maker Faire. Visita nuestra mesa para demonstraciones de literatura y poesía digital, un nuevo género literario que explora el potencial expresivo del lenguaje en ambientes digitales. He aquí algunos ejemplos de literatura digital.

La palabra en movimiento:

  • Seattle Drift – Este poema desea ser liberado de las reglas de la página que lo disciplinan y obligan a ser tradicional.
  • Bembo’s Zoo – Visita un zoológico donde las palabras se transforman en animales.
  • Strings – Palabras en cursivo se estiran y converten en otras palabras para formar poemas divertidos.
  • Word Crimes – Un video lleno de palabras que bailan al compás de una parodia de una canción pegajosa.

Experiencias cinemáticas:

  • Bust Down the Doors! – Una escena violenta descrita una y otra vez nos sorprende con sus cambios de perspectivas.
  • Project for Tachistoscope – Esta obra hipnótica narra la historia de un hoyo sin fondo en medio de los Estados Unidos.

Cómics interactivos:

  • A Duck Has An Adventure – Este cómic te permite explorar muchas historias alternas en la vida y aventuras de un pato.
  • Hobo Lobo of Hamelin – Este cómic historia del Flautista de Hamelin, pero con un lobo vagabundo y un alcalde sicótico.

Juegos Literarios:

  • The Flat – Tienes dos minutos para descubrir qué sucedió en este apartamento antes de que algo aterrador venga por ti.
  • Game, Game, Game and again Game – Un divertido juego de plataformas en el cual atraviesas espacios locos y poéticos.

Obras Generadas:

Robots Artísticos en Twitter:

  • Glitch [Meta] – Las ocurrencias tuiteadas por este gato provienen de comentarios que la gente hace acerca de sus gatos en Twitter.
  • HaikuD2 – Este robot detecta tuits que se puedan cortar en la forma de un haiku (poema de 5, 7, 5 sílabas) y los revela como poemas.

Obras Multimedios:

  • Memory – Este divertido poema por un poeta boricua está escrito con memes y sobre memes.
  • When I Was President – Este presidente dictatorial toma medidas absurdas y absurdamente efectivas durante su corta presidencia.
  • Nio – Esta obra musical y poética es una herramienta para jugar con sonidos, nuevas letras, y frases musicales.


2015 Call for Contributors

ialsoloveepoetryI ♥ E-Poetry is recruiting!

We are seeking regular and guest contributors to continue with our mission of developing a current, scholarly, and approachable guide to electronic literature, one that can transcend beyond academic circles to more general audiences. I ♥ E-Poetry is seeks to explore the poetics of language wherever it is deployed in digital media, particularly when it engages its media in artistic and literary ways.

With that in mind, we wish to recruit artists, students, and scholars of electronic/digital media interested in exploring the following areas: … Read more…

I ♥ E-Poetry: Year Three Retrospective

Text: "I ♥ E-Poetry Year 3"As the third year of the I ♥ E-Poetry project draws to a close, I’d like to offer some numerical data, reports on our activities, future plans, and acknowledgements– a tradition I started last year. This reader-friendly report should have special appeal to those who would like to know more about the community of readers they belong to and how the project is developing. … Read more…

“Word Crimes” by Weird “Al” Yankovic and Jarrett Heather

“Word Crimes”  is an official music video designed and animated by Jarrett Heather for “Weird Al” Yankovic.  The video uses kinetic typography and evocative visual images to reinforce the didactic tone.  The song is a parody of Robin Thicke’s own “Blurred Lines” employing its catchy tune, lyric structure, and even typography (as in the case of the hashtags) repurposed tosatirizes common ways that language is used incorrectly in writing. … Read more…

“Deal With It” Meme by Matt Furie and You

Deal-With-It-Skateboarding-Cat-Gif“Deal with it” is a meme based on a popular phrase or expression that uses image macros and/or animated GIFs as a snarky response when someone else notes disapproval, most frequently used online forums or social networks. This meme is characterized by an image of an iconic person, celebrity, or event, accompanied by the descending of sunglasses upon the subject’s face and revealing a caption which says “Deal with it.” … Read more…

“Bust Down the Doors!” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries


Open “Bust Down the Doors! by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Versions: English, German, French

“Bust Down the Doors!”, a videopoem by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, opens with a countdown, preparing the reader to the challenge he or she is about to encounter. Quick flashing words that compose the poem begin to blink in and out of the screen, daring the reader to catch each word properly and keep up to rhythm. The contrast of the black letters against a white background creates an almost hypnotizing pattern to this race. This format is repeated in all three different language versions, which are English, German, and French. … Read more…

”Debaser” by Pixies

Pixies is an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, originally formed in 1986. The band started releasing music videos after their second studio album Doolittle in 1989, but ‘’Debaser,” the first track of this album, wasn’t released as a single until 1997. This is the only one of their videos, to date, to feature kinetic typography. … Read more…

“Endless Reader” by Originator

“Endless Reader” is a children’s mobile application created by Originator, which has developed other recognized apps such as “Endless Numbers” and “Endless Alphabet.” This application is the follow-up to “Endless Alphabet,” integrating sight words with an interactive digital environment with the purpose of allowing children to hear words broken down to their simplest phonetic segments. … Read more…

Slenderman, The Marble Hornets, and Totheark

slenderman-1-708110Remember those chain emails your most obscure contacts would send you during the wee hours of the night that read something like “IF U DON’T FWD DIS A CREEPY CRAWLY GHOST OF A GIRL WILL COME OUT OF DA CLOSET AND KILL U” ?

Well they’re back. And they’re coming to get you for not forwarding all those emails. … Read more…