“Endless Reader” by Originator

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“Endless Reader” is a children’s mobile application created by Originator, which has developed other recognized apps such as “Endless Numbers” and “Endless Alphabet.” This application is the follow-up to “Endless Alphabet,” integrating sight words with an interactive digital environment with the purpose of allowing children to hear words broken down to their simplest phonetic segments.

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Teaching “Entre Ville” by J. R. Carpenter

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This lesson plan– the first in the E-Lit for ESL series— takes advantage of J.R. Carpenter’s polyphonic approach to the city to introduce the characteristics of e-literature, to provide some reading strategies and to encourage the use of digital tools in writing. The text “Saint Urban Street Heat” and its multiple vignettes that can be explored become a resource for reviewing the use of adjectives and presenting hyphenated adjectives to students.

This resource has been designed for teenagers and adults with at least an intermediate proficiency level. Its activities include:

  • the use of pre-reading strategies,
  • the reading of “Saint Urban Street Heat” in print and then within “Entre Ville,”
  • the reflection of the author’s experiences in her work,
  • the introduction to hyphenated adjectives, and
  • the elaboration of a collage using PowerPoint and digital materials provided by the students.

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“Toucher” by Serge Bouchardon, Kevin Carpentier, and Stéphanie Spenlé

“Oulipoems” by Millie Niss with Martha Deed

Screen caption of “Oulipoems” by Millie Niss with Martha Deed. Mustard background with a lot of different texts in blue, black, and red. On top of everything is the title of the poem "Oulipoems."
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“Stir Fry Texts” by Jim Andrews

Screen shot from “Stir Fry Texts” by Jim Andrews.  Black background with white, gray and blue text. Text: “I split the full scale mark – I choke/ Who now is the author? Who really ca/ the mail? Let him whine and fret ab/ important thing is not who writes or m/ the bookie can tell, then I begin di/ walked in. the hyacinth itself a wo/ Good way of rubbing n texts together/ bacteria of the reader, the various use-/ Good way to see what that langua/ Joseph Weizenbaum/ Computer Power and Human re.”
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