“Stravinsky’s Muse” by Mark C. Marino

Screen shot from “Stravinsky’s Muse” by Mark C. Marino. Baby blue background. The text is in black and there is a circle in the middle with other circles inside and in different positions forming some sort of atom. There are words scattered all over the circle: “Her, Teacher, with, and, Platonic/friend, Agape, She”. There are also three squares with a text inside them. This squares are in 3 corners of the picture: Two on the above corners and one in the left corner, down. Text in the left, upper side: “Promenade:/ A call to/ dance.” Text in the left, lower side: “ ‘Dosido’ , Natasha/ said./ Avec moi? he asked./ Music was their/ vernacular. The/ language mattered/ little.” Text in the upper right corner: “Out of the/ corner of his/ eye as he/ spun he/ thought he/ spied her.”
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