New Contributor: Samira Nadkarni

Samira Nadkarni
Samira Nadkarni

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes a new guest contributor from India, Samira Nadkarni.

Samira Nadkarni is a doctoral candidate at The Centre for Modern Thought, University of Aberdeen, currently writing her thesis on changing theories of an ethics of reading and applications with regard to digital texts. Her publications trace her interest in postmodern poetry and performance, hermeneutics, ethics, neocolonialism, fan studies, Whedon studies, and digital texts. She served on the selection board of the creative writing publication New Writing Dundee (2008-2011) and has had her creative work published in New Writing Dundee, Grund Lit and Causeway Magazine.

Her fascination for mediation as seen in electronic literature and how agency manifests itself in digital objects, particularly through code, will guide us through insightful readings of e-lit works. Welcome to the team!

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