New Contributor: Samira Nadkarni

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes a new guest contributor from India, Samira Nadkarni. Samira Nadkarni is a doctoral candidate at The Centre for Modern Thought, University of Aberdeen, currently writing her thesis on changing theories of an ethics of reading and applications with regard to digital texts. Her publications trace her interest in postmodern poetry and … Read more

New Contributor: Luís Cláudio Costa Fajardo

I ♥ E-Poetry is pleased to introduce a new regular contributor from Brazil: Luís Claudio Costa Fajardo. Luís Cláudio Costa Fajardo teaches Design in Digital Media at the Institute of Art and Design, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He has a Masters in Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design (TIDD) from … Read more

Call for Regular Contributors

I ♥ E-Poetry seeks 3 writers interested in joining the team as regular contributors. Why write for I ♥ E-Poetry? This is an opportunity to be published as part of a resource with an established and steadily growing international audience. I ♥ E-Poetry is being used in courses, comprehensive exam lists, and is designed for … Read more

I ♥ E-Poetry: Year Three Retrospective

As the third year of the I ♥ E-Poetry project draws to a close, I’d like to offer some numerical data, reports on our activities, future plans, and acknowledgements– a tradition I started last year. This reader-friendly report should have special appeal to those who would like to know more about the community of readers … Read more

I ♥ Bots

If you have been reading my daily entries on bots, and have explored the resource that compiles them, you may have noticed the great variety, sophistication, and artistry that characterizes this emergent genre. With these daily postings, I have tried to take a snapshot of a vibrant moment for this artistic and literary practice, knowing … Read more

CFP: E-Lit Pedagogy

I ♥ E-Poetry is largely an educational project, developing into a reference of electronic literature that aims for encyclopedic scope of its coverage. It is designed for newcomers to these genres, scholars who need a quick reference, and educators interested in teaching e-lit in their courses. Members of the digital humanities and electronic literature communities … Read more

2013 Digital Humanities Awards Results

For the second year in a row, I ♥ E-Poetry is the first runner up in the Digital Humanities Awards, this time in the “Best DH project for public audiences” category. Here’s a link to the official results. This accomplishment couldn’t have been possible without its fabulous team: the Advisory Board which suggested changes that … Read more

I ♥ E-Poetry Nominated for 2013 DH Awards

I ♥ E-Poetry has been nominated for the 2013 Digital Humanities Awards in the “Best DH project for public audiences” category. Last year, I ♥ E-Poetry competed in 2012 DH Awards and was the first runner up in the “Best DH blog, article, or short publication” category. Back in 2012, the project was a bit … Read more