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Background I ♥ E-Poetry began as a solo writing performance: a 500 consecutive daily reading and writing tour-de-force that allowed me to develop my voice as a critic, develop an audience, and build a knowledge base of short-form scholarship on digital poetry and poetics. During this stage of the project (retroactively dubbed Phase 1), the … Read more


Interested in contributing to this project? You have several options: There’s an Open Call for Postings (CFP) which invites you to submit one or various entries on any work of electronic literature we haven’t yet covered. You can write about a work of e-lit that you love, preferably a work that inspired you to write … Read more

I ♥ E-Poetry Phase 2: The Next 500 Entries

I ♥ E-Poetry is back! Of course, it was never gone, but taking a much needed break from its first phase: a blogging performance that lasted 500 consecutive days. Thinking back on that phase, a few points stand out: It was a solo critical writing performance, designed to expand my knowledge, showcase my expertise, and … Read more

CFP: The Poetics of Electronic Literature

I ♥ E-Poetry began focused on e-poetry as a genre and has gradually expanded its scope to include all genres of electronic literature (analyzed from a poetic perspective). Because its initial focus led to the exclusion of works in many of the publications and exhibitions covered, I ♥ E-Poetry seeks entries on these excluded works. … Read more

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CFP: The E-Lit I Love

This is an invitation for writers, students, and scholars of electronic literature. I ♥ E-Poetry seeks entries about a work of e-lit that: inspired you influenced you you love you admire you wish you had written interests you above all others you feel has been overlooked or underappreciated all of the above whatever other reason … Read more

“Marble Springs” NOT by Deena Larsen (part 4 of 4)

This hypertext poem is open by design, with a long history of inviting participation from others. When it was first published in 1993 in HyperCard format by Eastgate systems (referred to in earlier entries as Marble Springs 1.0) it offered readers the ability to contribute their own writing to the work via annotations, as described … Read more