“@StarWars_tweets” by Christopher Jones

Screen shot from “@StarWars_tweets” by Anonymous. A Screen Shot of a twitter account. Black background with a blue light-saver. A square is above the text with the title “Star Wars”. Text: Star Wars/ @StarWars_tweets/ Every word of the script of Star Wars, one tweet at a time/ One Tweet At A Time”. Below the picture there are posts of the twitter account. The account has 1,987 tweets, 151 following and 68 followers in this picture. Text of the posts: “PIETT yes, my lord. VADER Make ready to land out troops beyond energy shield and/ moves away, slightly confused, touching his throat as it begins to constrict painfully.”
Open “@StarWars_tweets” by Christopher Jones

This poetic Twitter bot requires little explanation as to its concept, except for a minor clarification: by “the script of Star Wars,” it refers to the whole original trilogy. Perhaps this was not always the case, but it is currently tweeting the complete script to “The Empire Strikes Back” (written by Lawrence Kasdan and Leigh Brackett base on a George Lucas story) one line every 40 minutes.

Some readers may wonder what this particular work is doing in a scholarly blog about e-poetry. There is plenty of Star Wars fan fiction in Twitter (and elsewhere)— I’m partial to comedian Joseph Scrimshaw’s “Star Wars: A New Hope in tweets” and “Ordinary Star Wars“— but they’re not engaging the material poetically.

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