“Machine Gun Nest” (servilivres) by Erthos Albino de Souza

“Machine Gun Nest” (servilivres) by Erthos Albino de Souza

* Credits: servilivres, Musa Speculatrix series, published on “Qorpo Estranho” brazilian magazine nº 2, 1976

The Brazilian poet Erthos Albino de Souza (1932-2000) has a prominent role in the international digital poetry, but unfortunately the records of his work is scarce. Only recently an exhibition was held in his honor: Erthos Albino de Souza. Poetry: the Dactyl to the Digit displayed on the Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro collecting printed poems, letters and journals and other relevant documents, such as the rare copies of the magazine Code (1974 -1990) edited and funded by Erthos.

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