“Debasheesh Parveen” and “Ariadna Alfil” by Eugenio Tisselli

Open “Debasheesh Parveen” and “Ariadna Alfil” by Eugenio Tisselli

These two “Facebots” (Facebook bots) were created in the last days of 2009 and quickly began to make friends, post images, and make cryptic status updates, commenting on each other’s updates. They started a relationship on January 13, 2010 and got married (that is, changed their relationship status to “married” on Facebook) on March 21, 2010. Ever since they have both been making status updates automatically every hour, (Ariadna every 2 hours) using the algorithm described below:

Debasheesh Parveen is one of the 99 Sacred Names of the Internet. It is also an algorithm:

1. Debasheesh Parveen takes a random news headline from the Al Jazeera feed.
2. The headline is distorted using a text-manipulation algorithm.
3. One of the words of the headline is chosen to search for an image on the Internet.
4. The headline and the image are posted to Debasheesh Parveen’s Facebook profile.

This happens automatically, at regular intervals.

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