“Connected Memories” by María Mencía, programmed by José Carlos Silvestre

Screen capture from "Connected Memories" by María Mencía, programmed by José Carlos Silvestre. Snippets of text in faded typewriter print.
Open “Connected Memories” by María Mencía, programmed by José Carlos Silvestre

This narrative hypertext poem creates a web of semantic and spacial associations between short excerpts from interviews of refugees living in London. The ethnographic dimension of this piece lends weight to the work as one realizes that these snippets of text are from people’s life stories. The keywords that float on the screen and pull up narrative fragments can be understood as tags in a database. Some common ones (listed in Mencía’s site) are:

war run away prison money walk university pressure shoot government refugee passport kill papers documents survived help job work understand country afraid scare understand place went back flat successful happy mother father family brother sons daughter fear prison accommodation hotel room scared interpreter husband wife country help english job flee detention asylum life college memories integrated forget pregnant border genocide religion escape agent airport illegal rape hide money belong foreigner services lost after you university shoot militia extremist speak hospital travel frighten live children settle pressure

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