“Knuckle Tat (@knuckle_tat)” by Matt Hokanson and “Tats Illustrated (@TatsIllustrated) by Joel McCoy

 Knuckle Tat @knuckle_tat  Randomly chosen knuckle tattoo suggestions. A @h0ke production.  favstar.fm/users/knuckle_…
Open “Knuckle Tat (@knuckle_tat)” by M. Hokanson

This bot randomly tweets suggestions sent to it based on a simple constraint: two 4-letter words to be tattooed onto the knuckles of the hands and juxtaposed. The resulting tweets show both versatility and imagination– and is a popular creative constraint in tattoo circles, as we can see in collections such as this one. By tweeting the words in uppercase letters, it focuses on the language of the tattoos, de-emphasizing potential graphical information.

Visit this link to read its most popular tweets.

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