“_:terror(aw)ed patches:_” by Mez Breeze and Shane Hinton


“Real_Time_”1sts!” [or: PanoptiConned Imagery From the Scene]” by Mez Breeze


“Feral C” by Mez Breeze

Screen capture from "Feral C" by Mez Breeze. Arrangement of profile pictures for the accounts associated with the work: Text: "GOSSAMA, HUD_B, SHADOW, QUENTIN READA"
Open “Feral C” by Mez Breeze

This work is a series of live Twitter performances of characters, each of which has an account and interacts in this social network to form what Breeze describes as a “socumentary.”

“A “socumentary” is an entertainment form that merges Choose Your Own Adventure /Alternate Reality Drama/Social Game and Social Networking conventions. The result is a type of synthetic mockumentary that exists entirely within social media formats.

“#OutsideUrDoor” by Mez Breeze


“Twitterwurking” by Mez Breeze

Screen capture from “Twitterwurking” by Mez Breeze. White background with various lines of black text written on it. Text: "-Twitterwurking Transcript" "1:go To [to+Doro.thee+Wiicked.White(t{e})ches(s)]. / dop[p]wn.the.ra[bbitten].hole.we.go || twitter_set[tlers,all]." "2. shiver[me.tym(panies)burrs]ing.s[t[l]one arms t.witching granite / blo.od[d?].r[sh]iver.me + t[oxic]all[Ice].tale.u=...." "3. ...=_allIce_[born.of.gra(vity)nite].AllIce mewls+slTl+we[s]igh.ts//all l fLes[ion]h_grAve[L.rashed]. + [user]Pine.like..." "4. i spy_Wh[n]ite.Which_.Sug[l]arings.i aSP+gr[K]oan; u c+ / [+]d[ice]rink.me. up[per+AllIce.Downer].." "5. AllIce.s[epia]tinks: c[sh]aving.bromidal. @if = @then [u:kno:u:want.2]; @u / fade_in+fLip[.out]." "6. i s t [h] u m b l e U p [on] + f l i c k_r_i n g > < o f f . / soniKal[l]i_scr[sandstone_h]atching in_the @keyofnite."
Open “Twitterwurking” by Mez Breeze
This guest performance in the New Media Scotland Twitter account during her residency in July 2008 featured a daily tweet for each day of the month— making a sequence of 31 silky lines mezangelle.

_Twitterwurking_comprised of sequential “tweets” posted via a microblogging platform called Twitter. The work itself was written in my mezangelle language- a type of merging of programming languages/code with poetic elements. The Twitterwurk sought to incorporate specific users into the narrative by typing the “@” symbol before their name. The users were then made aware of this focused reply and thus deliberately enfolded into the tweetstream/project.

“the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze

Screen shot from “the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze. Red colored background with a white and black text. Text: “/me open s][ource][ auce codes, open/ window vent][ings][, o][h!][.pens and/ pencils…/ /me leans down 2 the room’s floor, a/ velvet sounding boarded surface, and listens…/ /me D.texts a soft murmuring, voices/ swooning in 2 b$w, a soft echo of the/ page…” these are the only parts of the text which are in black: s][ource][auce, vent][ings, o][h!][. Pens, D.texts, 2, 2.
Open “the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze

“Internal Damage Data” and “Fleshis.tics” by Mez Breeze

Screen capture of "Internal Damage Data" by Mez Breeze. Black text on red background. Text: "OptiON: Compare and Assess Internal Datadamage / OptiON: Explicit / [DE]Func[fix]tion Is Loaded(By Internal Damage Form As Narrative String) As Absorbed by Read.her / 1 Returns True if the specifi[X]ed Internal Damage Form accepter as Read.her Damage Coll[ate]usion view. / ConstFIXtional damageStateClosed = 0 / ConstFixtional damageDesignOpen = 1 / If DisbeliefSeepageCmd(acSepCmdGetdamageState, acForm, strNarrative) <> condamageStateClosed / Then"
Open “Internal Damage Data” and “Fleshis.tics” by Mez Breeze

“The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze

Screen shot from “The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. A screenshot of a cylycone form red and blue tower in a black and sinister surrounding. Only part of the tower is viewable and the rest is not because of the obscurity.
Open “The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze

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