“Dois palitos” (Two matchsticks) by Samir Mesquita

Screen capture from “Dois palitos” (Two matchsticks) by Samir Mesquita. Photograph of an open matchbox standing upright on its side, bearing a logo of two burning matches. A larger box bearing the same logo as the matchbox is visible in the background. Text: "dois palitos, Samir Mesquita"
Open “Dois Palitos” by Samir Mesquita

“Two matchsticks” (2008) is the title of an e-poem by short story writer, Samir Mesquita based on “Two matchsticks,” a popular saying in Brazil. The origins of this Brazilian folk expression are difficult to determine, but its significance indicates the rapid execution of a task. The matchbox is a Brazilian’s old friend. Even with the absence of musical instruments several sambas have been created accompanied only by the cadenced rhythm of these improvised little rattles. Today, in the Internet and microblogging age, the matchboxes inspires new literary genres.

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